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CEO Welcome

Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Sponsor News.

Recently, there’s been continuing focus around a range of Government initiated reviews, including; the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA), the Productivity Commission into public infrastructure, Treasury review of fund Governance, transparency through disclosure and competition in superannuation and the Financial System Inquiry.

Cbus continues to work with peak associations to respond to these reviews.  In addition to this, Cbus has made its own submissions to the Productivity Commissions public inquiry into infrastructure and the Treasury Review of Fund Governance, Disclosure and Awards.

The Fund’s investment options have experienced positive returns for the financial year to date.  The return for the Growth (Cbus MySuper) option was 9.79%* for the six months to 31 December 2013.

The February 2014 investment video discusses how Cbus invests in Australian shares. To watch it, go to www.cbussuper.com.au/investments/investment-news

Please read on for further Fund updates.

Yours sincerely


David Atkin
Chief Executive Officer, Cbus

* Based on the crediting rate, which is the return net of investment fees and taxes and the Trustee Operating Cost. This does not take into account the administration fee of $1.50 per week.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

  Cbus Super Stadium  

Cbus has successfully secured naming rights for the formerly named ‘Skilled Park’ on the Gold Coast for five years.

The newly named, Cbus Super Stadium, is home to the NRL team, the Gold Coast Titans.

Cbus Chair, Steve Bracks and the QLD Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, Hon Steve Dickson attended a media launch to support the announcement.  This was followed up with strong media coverage on the Gold Coast, with a major story in the Gold Coast Bulletin. 

A major project is currently underway to produce and install over 120 Cbus Super stadium signs including the two external neon signs at the stadium. 

It is anticipated the installation will be completed by the Gold Coast Titans first home game, Sunday 16 March.

Member Health Strategy

The inaugural Construction Industry Mental Health Conference, titled ‘Is Suicide a Workplace Health and Safety Issue?’ was held in Brisbane on 20 February.

Chris Lockwood, Cbus Manager Workplace Distribution Projects, presented at the conference on findings from recent research we undertook on how Cbus is working with industry partners to provide better mental health outcomes across our industry.

In 2013, Cbus engaged Dr Allison Milner from the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne School of Population and Global Health to analyse the incidence of suicide as the cause in death benefit claims.

Cbus records were compared against the National Coronial Information Service database to identify the extent that suicide was the cause of death in death benefit claims on our membership.  A correlation between those working in lower skilled roles in construction and building and suicide was found.

Cbus retirement planning seminars
The number of members attending Cbus retirement planning seminars increased last year.

According to the 2013 Cbus Retirement Planning Seminar Report, the seminar program has grown 26% since 2010.

Of the 1,918 members who attended a seminar in 2013, 29.8% sought financial planning. 

The average member attending a seminar had a balance of almost $140,000.
  Tenure campaign  

Members who’ve been with the Fund for 10, 15, 20 or 25 years had their length of membership acknowledged in a mail-out early this year. 

The mail-out, which went to 220,000 members, included a tenure appropriate hard-hat sticker and a promotion of Cbus’ advice services.

Outbound telemarketing to members supports this campaign.

  Super Match campaign  
  The next wave of Super Search consent by 24,500 members has been sent to the ATO to help those members locate lost and other superannuation accounts.  This activity is been migrated by the Fund’s administrator, Superpartners as a BAU activity. Reporting on the previous wave of around 23,000 members will be available at the end of March.  
Member Record of Contributions

The Member Record of Contributions (ROC) are currently being sent to members.

The ROC mail pack includes the member’s statement, Cbus News and a campaign insert. 

The ROC has been restructured to allow more space to list all contributions received and a member ‘to do’ list, which promotes three activities a member could do to improve their account (i.e. supply contact details, TFN etc.). The ROC has also been redesigned with the new brand colours.

Cbus News distribution

The February edition of Cbus News has focused on issues raised in the member satisfaction research; members keeping their Cbus account despite moving jobs, the increase in member departures to SMSFs and a desire for more investment options in Cbus.

The edition also includes reference to the new privacy laws that commence from 12 March 2014.  The updated Cbus Privacy Policy and new Cbus Privacy Collection Statements are available on the website.

The Young and Singles edition of Cbus News (18-27 year olds) features an article on how existing Cbus members can keep their Cbus account despite moving occupations. 

Cbus News for members aged over 27 includes an opinion piece written by Paul Clitheroe about SMSFs. To view the latest edition go to www.cbussuper.com.au/cbusnews


A new online publication, Cbus Scaffold, has been created to strengthen the relationship between the offices of Cbus Trustee office and Cbus Property. 

The publication will share activity and allow for better understanding of the day-to-day activities of both offices.

Cbus Scaffold will be produced bi-monthly and distributed via email in a flip-book format. 

The first edition will be emailed to both Cbus and Cbus Property staff in early March.

Web: www.cbussuper.com.au
Phone: 1300 361 784
Fax: (03) 9657 4201
Cbus'Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd
ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792
Cbus ABN 754 933 63 262
  This information is about Cbus. It doesn't take into account your specific needs, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions. Read the Cbus Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Contact 1300 361 784 or visit www.cbussuper.com.au for a copy.  

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